How To Replace A Thermostat On A Whirlpool Double-Door Refrigerator/Freezer That Isn't Getting Cold

Posted on: 29 December 2016

There are a number of reasons why a refrigerator gets warm. The air duct between the freezer and refrigerator compartments could be plugged, the refrigerator might not be defrosting properly, or the thermostat has gone bad. Replacing the thermostat is something most home do-it-yourselfers can replace by themselves. If the refrigerator is not staying cool and you need to replace the thermostat, here is what you should do.

Make Space

Unplug the refrigerator before you start and remove food from the upper shelf so you have enough room to work. You also should remove the shelf if it's in the way.

Remove Sensor from Damper

The damper is located at the back left-hand side corner at the top of the refrigerator. Take a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the plastic conduit cover running along the top edge of the refrigerator to the damper. Next, remove the screw for the damper cover and remove the cover. Pull the thermostat sensor off of the damper. The sensor wire will hang free in the refrigerator at this point.

Remove Control Component Bracket

There are two Phillips head screws behind the control panel at the top front edge of the refrigerator. Remove the screws and disconnect the control panel from the top of the refrigerator. Disconnect the green ground wire from the grounding bracket and separate the crisper wire connector harness connecting the white and yellow wires together.

You should also release the damper control arm. The control arm is connected to the metal rod that goes to the damper in the back of the refrigerator. Take off the screw on the arm and pull it out of the plastic bracket.

There are two screws on the underside of the control panel cover that connect the control component bracket to the cover. Remove those screws and take the knobs off of the control panel for the refrigerator and freezer. Pull the bracket out and disconnect the wires going to the terminals on the thermostat. Unhook the sensor wire from the retainer on the bracket and remove the bracket.

Remove Thermostat

Remove the two small screws on the bracket and take out the old thermostat.

Install New Thermostat

Take the insulator sleeve from the sensor wire on the old thermostat and place it on the new one. Screw the new thermostat to the bracket. Put the bracket back into the control panel and reconnect the sensor and the wires to the new thermostat. Slide the stem for the knobs through the holes in the control panel and put the knobs back on.  Screw the bracket to the bottom of the control panel. Screw the damper control arm back on the bracket.

Reconnect the crisper light wire connector and the grounding wire. Place the sensor wire into the retainer on the control panel cover and screw the cover back onto the refrigerator. Wrap the sensor wire around the damper and replace the damper cover. Replace the cover for the sensor wire to finish. If you need assistance or want a professional to help, call an expert like Buffo's Refrigeration.


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