• Get The Moldy Stink Out Of Your Washing Machine For Good

    When you open your washing machine, you shouldn't smell anything but fabric softener and detergent. If your nose is filled with the musty mildew smell that many washing machines end up smelling like, it's time to get busy. You can eliminate that smell from your washing machine for good – here's how. Use Washing Machine Cleaning Products Have you ever use the washing machine cleaning products? These products are so easy to use, but many people just never do it.
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  • Common Causes Of A Leaky Washer

    If you begin to notice that your washing machine is leaking, you don't have to panic. Most washing machines that are leaking can be repaired once you identify the root cause of the leak. While you can perform some of the repairs yourself, it doesn't hurt to also have an appliance repairman look at your washer. Too Many Clothes If you fill your washer up with too many clothes, the water might spill over the top.
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  • Tips To Keep Your Washer Running As It Should

    Washing your clothes is not exactly a fun task, but it is easier to do when you have your own machine. This is something you probably don't give a second though about until your machine isn't working properly and you have to lug your items to your local laundromat. Taking good care of your machine will help prevent a breakdown. See below for some tips to ensure your washer runs properly.
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