2 Ways To Quieten A Loud Washer

Posted on: 25 January 2017

Being able to wash your clothes whenever you want at home is a good thing. Being stuck with a loud washing machine that drives you nuts when you run it is not such a good thing. If your washing machine is a lot louder than you would like, there are things that you can do to help keep the sound down so that you can hear yourself think. 

Get Anti-Vibration Pads

The vibration of everything going on in your washing machine is part of what causes noise. If the washing machine isn't set just right, the washing and spinning actions can cause a lot of vibrations to happen, which could make it rattle on the floor. One way to avoid that is to get anti-vibration pads. These are rubber pads that you can put on the bottom or feet of the washing machine. The rubber absorbs the vibrations so that they aren't transmitted to the floor. Another option is to get a rubber mat that is designed for a washing machine to sit on. It will act the same way. A nice side effect of the anti-vibration pads is that they can also keep your washing machine from "walking" because of the spinning action. 

Level Your Machine

Another way you can keep your machine quiet is to level your machine. To do that you are going to need to have a level. Place the level on top of a flat surface of the machine. If you have a top loader machine, you may not want to put it on the door because the door may be slightly domed. Instead, think about putting it on the top of the back of the washer. If the bubble is in between the two marks on the level, your washer is level. If the bubble is not in between those marks, you are going to need to adjust the feet. If you flip up your washing machine, you should see that each foot has a locking nut on it. Take that nut off on the side you are adjusting so that you can raise or lower the feet as necessary. Don't make big changes. Every time you think you have it right, check with the level again. Once you have it level, flip the washer up again so you can put the locking nuts back on the feet so that it stays level. 

Being able to quiet your washer can make doing laundry much easier. If these tips don't keep your machine quiet, contact a washing machine repair company.


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