Troubleshooting A Rattling Sound In Your AC System

Posted on: 5 April 2017

AC rattling can be a distraction and a nuisance, and it can also signal a more serious problem, so it's wise to have it diagnosed and repaired right away. Whether you're hoping it's not a serious issue and that you can fix it yourself or whether you're just looking for more information so you can describe the problem more accurately to the contractor, here are a few issues that could cause a rattling sound to develop.

Loose ductwork

Ductwork can be a noisy nuisance both in the summer and in the winter if it's not correctly sized and installed. If your ductwork has enough leeway to rattle against an adjacent wall or beam, it may need its fastenings tightened up, or it may need cushioning or padding.

Loose panel or fan blade

The AC unit itself can develop a noisy vibration from a loose panel as well. Or if the fan blade is loose or out of alignment, it could be rattling as well (either at the center or as it strikes the sides or top of the unit).

Debris in the unit

It's always a good idea to keep debris cleared off the top of your unit, both for purposes of encouraging airflow and because it could otherwise get inside and cause problems. Twigs and other debris can fall through the unit's cover until the fan starts hitting them, which can cause an unpleasant rattling sound and even in some cases damage the fan blade. And if debris gets inside the unit's motor, the consequences can be even more serious.

Shot motor bearings

Another reason you could have an AC rattle (and a more serious one) is worn-out motor bearings. Once these bearings have gone bad, either because of damage or overuse and age or because of a manufacturing defect, the motor tends to be a lot noisier. It's also unable to work as effectively, so if this is your situation, you'll have to get a repair pronto. A bad bearing can make a motor fail prematurely, and you may even notice that your AC unit isn't working as well as usual if there's a bad bearing.

These problems can all cause unfortunate sounds, such as rattling, in your AC system. Whether it's your duct system, the unit, or the motor itself at fault, you'll want to get it diagnosed right away so that you can be sure you don't accidentally neglect needed repairs. For additional information, contact a company like R & R Heating & Cooling of Polk CO Inc.


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