Tips To Keep Your Washer Running As It Should

Posted on: 24 January 2018

Washing your clothes is not exactly a fun task, but it is easier to do when you have your own machine. This is something you probably don't give a second though about until your machine isn't working properly and you have to lug your items to your local laundromat. Taking good care of your machine will help prevent a breakdown. See below for some tips to ensure your washer runs properly. 

Don't Over-Fill

Your machine may say it's a super-capacity, but that doesn't mean you should fill it with every piece of clothing in your laundry basket. Use your machine as instructed. If you over-fill it, you could end up throwing your washer tub out of whack and could end up with clothing that isn't quite as clean as you think. If you begin to notice your machine making a thumping sound, or it is jumping around, it could be because it is too full - take some clothing out. Also, if you notice some of your clothing is dry when you take it out of the machine right after the cycle ends, it's because there was too much stuffed inside and your clothes didn't tumble properly.

Use The Right Soap

Using the wrong soap can cause a film to build up in your machine and could lead to too much soap in your clothing. If you have a high-efficiency machine, you should be using high-efficiency soap. This type of soap is concentrated and you don't have to use as much. Always measure your soap and only use laundry soap, not dish soap or any other type of soap. Also use the detergent bins if your machine has them, don't simply toss soap onto your clothes.

Clean The Machine

Clean the inside of the machine often by turning the machine onto the "clean washer" cycle and running bleach through it. You can also use a damp cloth with bleach or vinegar on it to wipe down the inside of the washtub, seals and inside the detergent bins. If you have a front-loading machine the inside rubber seal can accumulate with a lot of debris (you may even find that lost sock in there). Wipe down this area using a bleach or vinegar soaked cloth.

Laundry may not be your favorite chore, but that machine helps make it easier. Prevent a breakdown of your washer machine and keep it running properly by taking good care of it. Contact a washer repair pro for more help.


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