Common Causes Of A Leaky Washer

Posted on: 13 July 2018

If you begin to notice that your washing machine is leaking, you don't have to panic. Most washing machines that are leaking can be repaired once you identify the root cause of the leak. While you can perform some of the repairs yourself, it doesn't hurt to also have an appliance repairman look at your washer.

Too Many Clothes

If you fill your washer up with too many clothes, the water might spill over the top. Make sure to follow the instructions for how full you can fill your washer. Also, if you overfill your washer, your clothes might not be washed well enough.

A Simple Spill

Make sure that the leak is not just the result of a spill. If you suspect that the washer simply spilled some water over the top, wait until next time to see if you still have an apparent leak problem. Wipe up the water and allow the washer to operate. 

Defective Hoses

After ruling out a spill, check the hoses. While there are many types of hoses involved in your washer, the most common that cause leaks are the fill and drain hoses. The fill hose connects your water supply to the washer. The drain hose connects to the household drain and releases the water after your washer has finished the job. There may be a leak in the hose, which means the hose may need to be replaced. Also, the threaded fittings might not be tight enough.

Internal hoses can also leak. You will have to unscrew the rear access panel to access the internal hose. There are two screws on the outside of the control panel that allow you to access the direct drives. You can open up the cabinet by prying open the cabinet clips. Inspect the internal hoses to determine if they are leaking.

A Defective Water Pump

If you notice that the leak is under the washer, there might be a hole in the water pump. The water pump should be replaced before running the washer again because the water can potentially ruin the motor. 

Too Much Detergent

If you add too much detergent to your washer, this can cause over-sudsing. This may be enough to cause the door to leak. Your door might also leak because the seal in your door has worn out and must be replaced. If none of these problems resolves your washer leaking, you should consider having hiring someone for professional appliance repair services.


Keeping Your Customers Full and Happy

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