Using Older Appliances For Your New Coffee Shop

Posted on: 7 January 2019

For years, the dream of a little coffee shop might have percolated in your mind. When you have some funds to finally realize this dream, you might be stressed out when thinking of all the costs involved. Appliances for beverages and snacks might cost more than you expected. Luckily, older model appliances could work beautifully and help you get your coffee shop running; these tips will ensure coffee, muffins, and other items can be produced without trouble.

1. Look for Warranties

Whenever considering any appliance, the warranty details are key. Many people erroneously believe that older appliances won't have warranties, but more and more of them have coverage of some kind. Manufacturers might still provide component warranties. Even if you don't see any documents accompany a mixer or a coffee maker, do some research online or call the manufacturer directly and inquire. Some appliance repair shops or sales locations will offer warranties on the appliances they sell. 

2. Find Manuals

Manuals will also need to be tracked down when working with older appliances. Many manufacturers have realized this and have uploaded documents for many of their older appliances on their own internet sites. Manuals contain directions and guidance about working with their machines so you can prolong their usefulness.

3. Locate Appliance Repair Personnel

Parts can break on any machine or appliance, regardless of age. However, if you're outfitting the coffee shop with older appliances, you'll need to be more aware of how you could solve a problem in the middle of the morning or at your busiest time. For this reason, a good relationship with appliance repair companies isn't a luxury; it could save your business. You may need someone to run down to the shop because coffee is spitting out of a machine in front of customers; before a problem like that ever happens, you should have a few numbers in the office to contact.

4. Find Parts

Minor malfunctions can happen, which require rapid replacement of an appliance part. Many parts are kept in stock by appliance repair stores. These stores can be worth visiting often, even when you don't need parts or repairs immediately, as they might receive completely functional appliances that would work in your shop. 

With these recommendations, beverages and many snacks can be made inside your new coffee shop. Keep appliance repair and machine manufacturer numbers on hand, and prepare to start the next phase of your coffee shop dream.


Keeping Your Customers Full and Happy

I absolutely love baking tantalizingly tasty, sweet treats for others. Nothing compares to the moment I see people enjoying eating the desserts I’ve created. Do you own a bakery? If one of your valuable appliances malfunctions, you won’t be able to prepare cakes, cookies, and other pastries to sell to your customers. Think about obtaining warranties on all of your business’s appliances including your commercial ovens. When something breaks, the technicians at an appliance service can come to your rescue and fix the problem. On this blog, I hope you will discover compelling reasons you should secure warranties on the appliances in a bakery. Enjoy!