Common Signs That Your Microwave Is In Need Of Repairs

Posted on: 25 August 2019

People use the microwaves in their kitchens quite frequently, whether to heat up leftovers or to cook a frozen meal. Since microwaves are used so often, it can be alarming to discover that your microwave is not operating properly. Microwaves can be expensive appliances, and many people do not look forward to spending money to replace a microwave. Luckily, many microwave issues can actually be repaired by a professional appliance repair technician, so you can have your faulty microwave fixed instead of having to repair it. Some common signs that your microwave is most likely in need of repairs include:

Cooking Times Have Increased

Most homeowners tend to know what to expect from their microwave after using it for a few weeks. If you have owned your microwave for an extended period of time, you will know how long it takes to heat up your favorite foods. If you begin to notice that you set your microwave to cook for the right amount of time, but food is not thoroughly heated, there is a problem that can most likely be repaired. When this happens, the issue could be related to the wiring, or it may mean that one or more components inside the microwave have worn out and need to be replaced so it can operate properly.

Sparks or Burning Smell

It can be seriously alarming to see sparks inside your microwave while it is running or notice a burning smell. If this ever happens to you, immediately turn off the microwave and unplug it from the wall to ensure that it is not a fire hazard. Sparks or burning smells often mean that your microwave has an electrical issue that needs to be repaired by a professional. Do not attempt to try to diagnose or repair your microwave on your own if sparks or a burning smell is present, as doing so can be dangerous. 

Door Doesn't Stay Closed

When a microwave is in good working condition, the door creates a seal when it is closed. This is necessary to ensure that the microwave can properly heat the food thoroughly and evenly. If the door to your microwave will not close tightly or randomly opens on its own while the microwave is operating, there is an issue. In most cases, a microwave will have problems with the door if there is something wrong with the seals or other locking mechanisms. 

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Keeping Your Customers Full and Happy

I absolutely love baking tantalizingly tasty, sweet treats for others. Nothing compares to the moment I see people enjoying eating the desserts I’ve created. Do you own a bakery? If one of your valuable appliances malfunctions, you won’t be able to prepare cakes, cookies, and other pastries to sell to your customers. Think about obtaining warranties on all of your business’s appliances including your commercial ovens. When something breaks, the technicians at an appliance service can come to your rescue and fix the problem. On this blog, I hope you will discover compelling reasons you should secure warranties on the appliances in a bakery. Enjoy!