3 Risks Of Using An AC With Low Refrigerant

Posted on: 22 September 2022

The main purpose of your AC unit is to help keep you cool during the hot season. So, if your house is still warm after running your air conditioner for some time, or you feel it takes longer than usual to keep your house cool, your AC might have low refrigerant. Remember that even a slight drop in the refrigerant level could significantly reduce the AC's efficiency. Therefore, consider hiring a reputable appliance repair contractor to fix your system if you suspect it has refrigerant issues. Here are three effects of using a unit that has low refrigerant.

1. High Cooling Cost

The power prices are generally high, and the prices might still go up. As you strain to keep up with the electricity bills, the last thing you need is to increase your energy costs by using a cooling unit that has low refrigerant. Remember that your AC is designed to work with a certain amount of refrigerant. So, if the levels drop, the system will work harder to serve your needs. Consequently, it will strain to keep your house cool, resulting in higher than normal energy bills. Fortunately, skilled technicians can refill the refrigerant and seal the leaks, thus saving the money you would have used on utility bills.

2. Damage to the Compressor

Most homeowners appreciate the cool air they get from their AC but do not take the time to understand how the system works. For example, few people know that the compressor is a critical component of the units because the AC will not produce cold air if it fails. The work of the compressor is to circulate the refrigerant to help heat exchange within the coil. If you have a low refrigerant, the compressor will strain, and it might break down over time. Replacing a compressor is not a cheap project. So, if you suspect the refrigerant is low, hire skilled experts to help rectify the situation before you end up with more issues to fix.

3. Risk to Your Health

If your air conditioning refrigerant is low, there is a high possibility that this is a condition caused by a leak in your unit. If so, then you and the people in your home are exposed to the chemicals that make the refrigerant. Although the refrigerant is important in the AC, it can affect human health. Exposure can lead to dizziness, headaches, and irregular heart rate. Therefore, considering refrigerant's effects on your health, it is advisable to call experienced technicians to repair the appliance if you suspect the refrigerant might be leaking.

You risk increasing your cooling costs, damaging your compressor, and affecting your health if you use an air conditioner with low refrigerant. Fortunately, you can avoid this by hiring a seasoned appliance repair contractor to help fix the refrigerant issues and any other AC-related problems you might have in your unit.

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