Appliance Service: How To Tell Your Washing Machine Requires A Professional Eye

Posted on: 30 March 2023

If you have a washing machine in your home, you definitely need to maintain it in perfect shape to use it more conveniently. However, a time comes when the appliance demands professional repairs. Sadly, some people attempt to fix its issues themselves just because they have a few tools in their house. DIY fixes are a bad idea because they cost you more in the long run. Where possible, you should always hire an appliance service or repair expert whenever your washing machine develops a problem. See some of the signs indicating your washing machine demands professional repairs. 

Its Bearings Are Too Noisy

Noisy bearings are a sign that your washing machine needs a professional eye. The appliance could develop a more serious problem if the problem isn't fixed quickly. Actually, faulty bearings could lead to a complete failure. Nonetheless, don't handle them yourself because you could aggravate the problem. You could remove the drum wrongly while trying to access the bearings and damage other parts of the machine. Instead, let an appliance service do it because they have the skills and tools for the job. They can also easily tell whether the bearings are mildly or severely damaged and can help replace them. 

It's Not Spinning Properly

A washing machine that's in good working order should spin properly; if it doesn't, contact an expert to identify and fix the problem. You know your machine isn't spinning properly if the clothes are soaking wet after a complete cycle. The clothes could also be matted or tangled, meaning something is wrong with the spin function. In most cases, your washer won't spin properly if the drive belt is worn-out or damaged. An imbalanced load could also be a likely culprit. Nonetheless, you should hire an appliance repair expert because they will accurately identify the cause and handle it.

It Makes Weird Noises

Most washing machines operate silently, while some just make mild noises when running. However, a machine that makes weird noises needs professional attention. The type of noise the machine makes can easily tell the kind of problem it has developed. Unfortunately, you can't tell what those strange noises mean if you aren't an expert. For instance, your washing machine may make a squeaking noise when there are water pressure issues or due to a damaged motor or loose belts. It could also make thumping or grinding noises when it's off-balance. If you hear yours making some unusual noises, contact an appliance service, such as Rideout Appliance Repair.


Keeping Your Customers Full and Happy

I absolutely love baking tantalizingly tasty, sweet treats for others. Nothing compares to the moment I see people enjoying eating the desserts I’ve created. Do you own a bakery? If one of your valuable appliances malfunctions, you won’t be able to prepare cakes, cookies, and other pastries to sell to your customers. Think about obtaining warranties on all of your business’s appliances including your commercial ovens. When something breaks, the technicians at an appliance service can come to your rescue and fix the problem. On this blog, I hope you will discover compelling reasons you should secure warranties on the appliances in a bakery. Enjoy!